Monday, October 8, 2018

If you’re looking for a ghost since it’s getting close to Halloween, the Merry Ghost Inn is a great place to visit!  My review is for the third story in the series, so be sure to pick up books one and two and read them all! 👻 😊 📚

5 Star Review by Chatting About Cozies (Linda Langford)

The body count is rising at the haunted Merry Ghost Inn. The ghost, Orville, has become more active laughing and moving things around and trying to communicate. Melanie West and her grandmother, Liza, love the peace and quiet of the Oregon coastline where their Bed and Breakfast Inn is located. Trouble begins when a local businessman, Jason Northwood, pushes council members to vote for a huge games arcade with a bar he wants to build. Hours after the meeting, Northwood is dead. The author sets up numerous well-known townspeople as suspects. Liza is determined to clear her friend, Doug Griffith’s name with Melanie’s amateur sleuthing help.

I found book three as enjoyable as the first two stories. The plot immediately captured my attention and kept me wondering who the villain was and what their motive could be. The interwoven mystery of Melanie’s missing mother is another interesting part of this plot, and I enjoyed the progression of that investigation, also. Delicious recipe included for your enjoyment.

Note: Spider sightings! Just skip a couple of lines and keep reading. 😊

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Image source: Kate Kingsbury Author

Love crafty Cozies?  New Author, Holly Quinn, debuts the first story in her Hancrafted Mystery series!  Read on.....😊 📚

4 Star Review by Chatting About Cozies (Linda Langford)

Author Holly Quinn debuts a crafty new cozy series set in scenic Wisconsin. Right away, the story appeals emotionally as Sammy Kane, owner of the Community Craft Store thinks of her late friend, Kate, and the close relationship Sammy’s developed with her teenage son, Carter, since Kate’s unexpected death. The town of Heartsford is a close knit and caring community, and Sammy’s store stocks many handmade goods by the townsfolk. Local craft groups also meet at the store.

The victim is a woman not well-liked in the town. Detective Liam Nash is assigned the murder case and Sammy likes his personality. When the investigation isn’t progressing fast enough to suit Sammy, she and her sister, Elle, and their cousin, Heidi, resurrect their childhood detective club, S.H.E., by channeling their inner Nancy Drew’s, and pledge to solve the crime!

Protagonist, Sammy’s character comes across as brusque, at times, and impulsive, however, she’s obviously a caring and concerned citizen. I liked her sister and cousin, too, and Sammy’s faithful golden retriever, Bara. I look for Liam and Sammy’s relationship to heat up in future books.

While the first half of this story moved slowly and dialogue or description was somewhat choppy and stilted at times; the second half read swiftly as revelations came to light and the motive behind the mystery began to make sense. I was flipping pages fast, thoroughly absorbed in the developing plot and eager to know what was going to happen and who the killer would be.

I’m so glad I kept reading because I enjoyed all the bits and pieces coming together for a satisfying conclusion. The author includes two sock patterns for knitters.

I reviewed a digital ARC provided by NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books.  Thank you.

Image source:  Author Holly Quinn

Who loves Mardi Gras season?  Ellen Byron’s Cajun Country cozy series may be just the kind of mysteries you’re looking for! 😊 📚

4 Star Review by Chatting About Cozies (Linda Langford)

It’s Mardi Gras time in Pelican, Louisiana, and everyone wants to let the good times roll! However, after a flood, a murdered body floats up with no ID, and the partying must wait. Protagonist, Maggie Crozat, her lawman boyfriend, Bo, plus family and friends; must piece together remnants from the past that intertwine with current situations to find out the killer’s motive and solve the mystery. There are interesting historical facts in the plot and the characters are realistic and well-developed. An enjoyable whodunnit with humor!

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Crooked Lane. Thank you.
Release Date: 10.9.18

Image Source: Goodreads 

Monday, October 1, 2018

One of my all-time favorite cozy mystery series....A Scrapbooking Mystery by Laura Childs and Terrie Farley Moran ❣️ 📚  This is Book #15, GLITTER BOMB, and I highly recommend you read every book in the series, beginning at book one. 😊

5 Star Review by Chatting About Cozies (Linda Langford)
Release Date:  10/2/18

Scrapbook Mystery # 15 begins with a Mardi Gras float that goes BOOM and rains a glitterstorm upon the surrounding crowd which includes Carmella Bertrand and bestie, Ava Gruiex. Through the shimmering haze they see a body sprawled on the ground. Carmella’s ex-husband, Shamus, was on the float, and he’s okay, however; his krewe captain’s last breath was smothered out with his airway blocked by glitter. Detective Edgar Babcock, Carmella’s love, is fast to the scene, questioning witnesses, and organizing a search for the “Neptune Bomber”. It seems the victim, Hughes Wilder, had made some bad investments with a huge wad of investors’ money, and somebody decided he should pay with his life.

Humor-filled scenes with non-stop action make this story a pageturner. Ain’t nobody put a ring on either Carmella or Ava’s fingers so the two bachelorettes continue to party, drink, and enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities while they make their way around the French Quarter snooping, asking questions, and nearly getting themselves blown to smithereens. Ms. Childs and co-author, Ms. Moran, keep the dialogue snappy and the pace fiesty hoping their sleuthing efforts will stamp out one suspect in particular with motive to kill and some detonation skills. The plot in this long-running, fan favorite cozy series sparkles and shines like strands of Mardi Gras beads. The trademark originality from both the writer’s guarantees a genuine keeper for cozy mystery book shelves! Handy Scrapbooking Tips and Delicious Recipes to try follow the story.

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Berkley Publishing. Thank you.

Image source: Goodreads 

📚 📚 📚 📚 📚 What’s A Cozy Mystery? 📚 📚 📚 📚 📚 

Normally, there’s a murder; a whodunnit storyline. (Nothing really gory, though.)

Plenty of red herrings cast about to trick you into believing A, B, C, or D did it; then near the end, you find out it was actually E!! (Writer’s are sneaky!)

Hardly any mushy, lovey, kissy stuff...or just a hint of it.

Usually, a cute dog or cat companion to help the (usually) female sleuth find the killer.


Quaint setting.

None, or very little offensive language.

Cozies are for the ladies and the gentlemen to enjoy!